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Cotwsold village of Winter Parva has decided to celebrate a festival with its purpose of warming the post-Christmas. Acerbic detective Agatha Raisin going there with her friend and her current rival Toni to the annual event. But as the rotary spit is going to be laid over a bed of fiery and the grill was opened. Agatha suddenly that every things are not usual. In fact, the spit pig is police officer Gary Beech. Although before she and Gary had a conflict, and even she also annouced that she would kill him. But, now she changes her mind when knowing that Gary’s ex-wife asked Toni for investigating the case. For Agatha, she is accused of murder.
What things will she should to solve problems arounding her?

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The book is the kind of light reading that makes me feel comfortable. I’ve read many books about thrillers, but I admit that the author uses an unique approach of disposing a body. If you like humor stories, you should choose it right now.

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