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Being a conceited and self-centered person, Anthony Spencer feels himself as an enterprise with his success. He ranks high positions of his game. Tony is proud of his success although he had to experience many drawbacks. Unhappily, he looses consciousness by a disease named cerebral hemorrhage and is treated in a hospital ICU. Tony is surrounded by dreamlike world and tries to “awakens” with the aim to find out himself in this world. All things related to of real life are reflected clearly. Tony has interacted with things that he presumes are images appearing in his dream. He travels in the world with relative webs. He can “see” through other’s real eyes and experiences. Moreover, he can not find his own schedule and loss which exist in order to war against the curing and belief procedure. Tom has to overcome surprisingly adventure to recognize his life and everything that he created. Whether he has his braveness to give his options which cancel the great unfairness before he sinks into a deep coma or not?

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Honestly, in my free time I enjoy this audio book. I listened to it many times. Cross Roads is a great book of Wm Paul Young who is a well-known author with the book The Shack.

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