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Under The Lords of Underworld series, Gena Showalter’s The Darkest Surrender book features the interesting tale of warrior with unresistable handsome. Strider is the demon of Defeat who wants winning at all ways and all cost. If not, Strider must suffer unimaginable pain. In his opinion, nothing can stand in the way of victory.

Until, when an enchanting harpy Kaia is the person who makes him in the edge of surrender.

For Kaia, she has a mission that she brings a valuable thing to her country in the Harpy Games. If not, she must die. And Strider is her subject because he has own agenda that stealing the prize first before the winner is identified. Both of them seem to be fall in love each other. Kaia can take him against, but she don’t do like that. She wants him to love her willingly because defeating him will make him in pain.

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It’s one of the best stories in the series. And narrator Max Bellmore performances amazingly. It has an excellent plot with great subplots. Hopefully, the series will be a great film.

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