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In The Panther, Nelson DeMille continues the adventures of John Corey, a disability retired New York City cop who now works for an anti-terrorism Task Force consisting of FBI and CIA agents, as well as contract employees like John. He and his wife Kate Mayfield, an FBI agent, broke up a serious terrorist plot against the United States. Now, the Task Force sends them to one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East – Sana’a Yemen to kill or capture an Al Qaeda terrorist known as the Panther - the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing.

But now, both John and his wife are on Al Qaeda’s kill list to get revenge due to Corey killed the Lion, a Libyan terrorist and Mayfield killed a rogue CIA official. So who is going to kill whom? The Panther knows that they are coming, and the CIA may or may not want John and his wife to survive

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If you love John Corey, you’ll love this book. Timely material – al Quaeda in Yemen – and a typical wild story with John Corey and Kate Mayfield. This book has a lot of highly believable characters and plot twists, with strongly drawn characters and situations.

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