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This story takes place in a spring Sunday. A woman in North Dakota is assailed. The case is complicated because Geraldine Coutts is shocked and does not want to supply the police, her husband named Bazil or her son called Joe with information about the case. The life of Joe is seemed to be unchangeable. Joe attempts to cure his mother. However, his mother will only lie down on her bed. Therefore, Joe feels more solely and forces himself to live in the world of an adult. This world is that Joe does not prepare carefully.

Being a tribal judge, Joe’s father tries to find facts and justice. However, Joe hinders the process of investigation. Joe and his close friends including Cappy, Zack and Angus look into the fact. The first seeking is the Round House where people use to worship for Ojibwe. His investigation is started.

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This book is very interesting. It is one of my favorite audio books. I wish the end of this story was not sad.

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