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One of the most interesting books of a well-known author, The Time Keeper is the newest ebook of Mitch Albom whose works attracted many readers all over the world such as The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day and Have a Little Faith.

The Time Keeper is a fable about a man named Dor who is the first person to calculate the time and called Father Time. He is penalized in many years. His duty is to stay a cave and pay attention to voices which are created by people who follow him. Finally, Dor is allowed to be free. He is given a wizard hourglass and is responsible for studying two people about the real meaning of time.

Dor comes back to the earth and starts a trip with two people. They are a young girl and a rich man. The girl intends to quit her life and the man is an old enterprise with his wish of everlasting life. Dor’s duty will be complete when they are saved by him.

Through this book, Albom wants the readers understand the value of time and how people can use it meaningfully and time is important.

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Honestly, this audio book is one of the most interesting stories. I often listen to it every day. It is also meaningful because I have learnt many times such as the value of time and live better.

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